MandeRasta AFRICA

MandeRasta AFRICA

Manden - Flyer Front DIN A5



Bouba Kante alias MANDENRASTA

is conquering Germany with his unique Afro Beats.

Born in Guinea, West Africa, Bouba Kante has been living

in Europe for 16 years.

Mandenrasta says right from the heart „I love and live my

music! “ and conveys as singer / songwriter the musical

legacy of the Kante family:

Bouba´s father Lancine Kante (singer and actor) with his

„Horoya Band National “ and his uncle Mory Kante

(Griot singer/ international. Superhit „Yeke Yeke “)

are famous far beyond the frontiers of Africa.

Bouba Kante created his unique MANDENRASTA AFRO

BEAT inspired by the MANDE´ music of Guinea and

various other music styles e.g. Reggae, Salsa and Pop.

His live-performances with his band MANDENROOTS is a

feast for the eyes and ears of the audience.

A spectacular mix consisting of song, dance and

instrumental garanties a great party atmosphere

compelling you to move and dance.

Although he also addresses controversial topics such as

poverty and war in his works, he fascinates his audiences

with his soulfulness and joy of life and

carries them on an impressive musical journey through

Africa and Europe. It becomes romantic, when he invites

you to dream, listening to his songs of love, the sun, the

beach and the sea.



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